Could someone explain...

How BWE facilitates muscle density? Also, what the heck is muscle density? Thanks.

I'm no expert, but here's my guess:

BWE doesn't facilitate muscle density.

A term that's good for selling somebody's BWE workout, and that's about it.

BWE are often performed for a large # of reps, and that promotes muscular endurance; the capilary density (# of capilaries / volume) of the muscle increases in response to this sort of training. Maybe that's what they're talking about.

Strictly, muscle density should mean either
a) the mass / volume of a muscle, or
b) the amount of muscle / volume

I doubt that BWE is much related to either. I'm not sure that b) really means anything.

Like I say, I could be way off base here. Mayhap someone in the know will come help us both out.

As far as I know (very little sometimes), muscle density is mostly genetic. You can't really change your muscle density much (short of injecting that synth stuff), unless you count decreasing muscle density by having bloated, water-retaining muscles (as happens with creatine and some steroids). Maybe losing fat around muscles makes the muscle tissue appear more dense?

I don't know about the muscle density issue, but BWE are just another form of resistance training. They don't have any magic powers that lifting weights or any other method of resistance training doesn't have.