Could Someone Learn Your Job In 1 Week?

Pretty simple question:  Could someone with no experience doing your job come in and have the basics down in a week or less?

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Short answer: no

1 week? No. 1 Month... they could fake it while they learned the rest.

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Oh. Fuck no.

Not even close. 



Iv'e been building houses for 35 years, So id give them a year to perfect my job.

Oilfield coil tubing. No way. 3 years to be a supervisor is quick. Have to learn equipment and also well control procedures. 

Nope not even close



The easy maintenance part yes, when shit breaks and you have to diagnose electrical, pneumatic, Hvac, and hydraulic systems, fabricate and weld shit..... good luck, I can’t even do that shit.... oh wait

Not a chance, Fleet Manager of 175+ vehicles.

Not even close, I could teach the right person with experience to be a guide but the dog training, no way. 


People can't learn my job in 1 year. 

It's not difficult, but there are too many variables and caveats. 

No chance just all the environmental permitting I have to do takes months to learn 


In all honesty, it wouldn’t take years to learn my role.

I’m a complex searing specialist, I script wheelchairs, both manual and electric for those that need them, it’s a little bit tricky.

Not a chance in hell!