could someone tell me how to read


Fight Card
Light Heavyweight #1 contender match
Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell

Heavyweight Title Match
Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovski

Welterweight Bout
Robbie Lawler vs Nick Diaz

Lightweight Bout
Mike Brown vs Genki Sudo

Heavyweight Bout
Cabbage Correira vs Mike Kyle
Jonathon Wiezorek vs Wade Shipp

Welterweight Bout
Chris Lytle vs Tiki

Lightweight Bout
Yves Edwards vs Hermes Franca

yes could you tell me where in this advetiser for the next ufc event it says that i will only be able to see 5 fights?


yeah out of the 8 fights, they will only show the top 5 on PPV (tito/chuck, tim/anderi/ etc).

You have to read between the lines.



um i was being sarcastic this is what the ufc is advetizeing for there pay perview nowhere in it does it say thay are going to stiff me out of almost half the card

Where did you get that lineup?

I'm going to be PISSED if Yves isn't on the main card

Not pissed enough to not buy the PPV...but still

There is no way Yves vs. Hermes won't be
exciting...and the winner is rumored to get a title they need to show it

its crap for them to think that they can't get all of the fights in the allotted(sp?) time.

um thay dont care about time alotment thay just dont care about there fans

I've said this before, but I will repeat it for those that missed it.
Shortly after the last UFC, Dana had a thread he made about Ken Shammy and someone else being on some radio show. The thread quikly turned to a disgruntled fan Q & A thread, and when pressed about the prelims, DANA WHITE SAID THAT HE WILL DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO SHOW THE PRELIMS AT THE NEXT SHOW AS TIME PERMITS. PERIOD. If they end the show early, and don't show them again, then he IS A LIAR. PERIOD.

And also, another thing that wasn't very reassuring about him fulfilling that promise....the thread was deleted within 20 minutes of him typing/saying that....and for no reason, or no known reason. He might have requested it deleted to try to do a lil preemptive damage control limiting the # of people seeing the thread. Who knows really. Time will tell.
Personally I am going to not buy the initial showing of the show, and wait to hear if the prelims are shown. If they are, I will buy the first replay. I would encourage you all to do the same to prevent being burned...again.

is this true and if so where can i go to varafy it?

I dunno if Fightsport has a search function or how long they keep old threads, but I believe the thread was posted there after it was deleted here. Maybe a FS member could help out trying to find it.

If not, many UG members saw it. A bunch of them were busting the balls of me, and other forum members, for daring to ask about them showing the prelims and giving us a 'but boxing is like this' and 'be grateful for what you get' type of bullshit. Pathetic really. The only member that I can remember offhand that was FOR SURE on the thread and would remember all of this would be DEMONESS. If you want to verify what I said here, make an ATTN DEMONESS thread and ask her.


Lenny is correct as a mofo. I think I have that thread saved and will ttt it if we have time and no prelims are shown.

Ok so they schedule some fights you may or may not see. Can you imagine all the bitching if they can`t fill in the free air time with a couple extra fights this time around? No matter what they do the Pride nuthuggers try to make a big deal out of it .

Here is the deal. You get five fights . Now if any of those fights end early you will get to see one of the fights they taped earlier to fill in the free time. The thing is you don`t know if any or all fights will end early or if they will go the distance. The way you take care of that is to schedule a few extra fights just in case. Anyway look at the card and you will that all of these fights won`t go the distance . You will get to see some of the prelims so don`t worry about it right now

LeeHarveyManson must have never ordered a UFC payperview.

I think it might be time for us to stop being nice guys "for the good of the sport" and letting ourselves get ripped off. As far as I know, intentional false advertisement is against the law. To say your going to show all these fights if you pay x amount of money when you know you are not going to show them sounds like fraud to me. Do we have any lawyers around here? If we purchase the show and don't get all of the advertised fights, someone should look into a class action lawsuit. We've been patient fight after fight. It's time to take the gloves off! Let's rumble!