could tank KO hunt?

cabbage's chin stock went down after being ko'd by tank.

hunt is now the reigning king of the iron chin.

do you think tank could KO hunt?

No way. Hunt would decapitate Tank before he got the chance.

I think Tank could take him down and KO him in a scramble.

"The question dummies is does Tank have the power to KTFO Mark Hunt, not a hypothetical who would win scenario!"

Like if he stands there and says "give me you best shot?" If that's the dumbass question than our very own Gary Hughes could probably KO either of them.

"Like if he stands there and says "give me you best shot?"

Agreed. What does that matter? I can KO many pro fighters, even some HW's, if they stand there and let me throw a huge haymaker at their chin. So what?

Watch the Sylvia fight again if you think Cabbage's chin is overrated. No i'm not saying Tim is a huge hitter or anything, but the shots he took were unbelievable.

lotsa guys have the power, but so far nobodies hit him full power on the jaw when he wasnt ready


But he could take him down and TKO him.

maybe in a drinking contest

Theoretically Tank could KO anybody human.

After seeing Hunt eat several Cro Cop shin kicks, I'm not sure Hunt is human.

Tank could KO Hunt on the ground just like he did to Matua, but standing it would be much harder for Tank to KO Hunt, remember that Tank didnt want to stand with Sam Adkins, so I dont think he would stand with Hunt.

Lebanner probably hits just as hard and is 10 times more accurate than Tank. Look how that turned out.

really, some of you are too much..

Hunt took a fucking CLEAN SHOT via a Cro-Cop Death Kick, shook it off and got back up (and won the fight).

But yea, an over-the-hill amature brawler with some wrestling skills can KO him.

Hell no.

Hunt would destroy Tank.

You also forget Hunt was taken down and took like a million knees to the dome by Bobish.  He then got up and KOed him.

Fujita has to be up there with the serious cement head too.


Definitely something worth thinking about.


No. But Hunt would KO Tank

Why is it threads always die after I post on them?

Because the Yanks cant understand a bloody word your saying. I can though and I agree but I think Hunt will take him