Could the UFC be trying to set up a future Conor vs Colby fight?

I could be wrong but I just got thinking about it. Colby all of a sudden gets awarded a title shot when he’s lost the past two title shots even though they was against Usman. Most people would have to fight a few contenders or at least one before. They even thought about getting the title shot.

Recently Conor has mentioned he wants to go up to welterweight and fight for the title there.

Having at least thought about it and I’m open to the possibility the UFC could be trying to set up a Conor versus Colby fight at welterweight two guys that know how to draw crowds and hype and they both like to run their mouth.

Colby is a worse match up for Leon than Usman and can win. Conor Will likely be Chandler because Chandler fights to entertain and doesn’t fight to win and will likely try and stand and bang with Conor, which Conor stand up hasn’t been the best unless he goes back to more of a karate style. Because I noticed the difference in Connor stand up ever since he crossed over to boxing, he’s kind of lost his unorthodox karate style adopted a more boxing style.

Conor would duck Colby almost as hard as Leon is ducking Colby.




No. Colby destroys him