Could Tito make 185 again?

By losing muscle of course, not bodyfat. He fought at 185 in the beginning of his career, didnt he? He will have to wait a long time to get a titleshot again, or until Chuck loses it to someone (Vera?).

He never fought @ 185. When Tito fought in MW division it 1t was 199lbs and under. The limit would turn into 205lbs later.

OK, but could he get down that far in say a year?

Should he fight as HW instead?

He's a HUGE lightheavy and cuts a lot of weight as it is. If anything, he should consider heavyweight.

He would look like a bobble head doll.

Man his head would look so fucking big if he cut that much weight!

Actually I have been member longer than that. So STFU noob!

He is huge for 205. No, it wouldn't be possible for him to fight at 185.

No way. I think he would be more competitive at Heavyweight.

I also think he can win at Light Heavy

i think he is one of the best at LHW. But lidell is a bad matchup for him. One of those rock, scissor, paper deals.

tito used to have to make 199

205 was created for him

"lol, he's been a member here 3 years longer than you have Bullock"

Join date isnt 100% accurate, I have a different Email now and dont remember my old account's info (changed comps and net service providers) and was a member in 2001, and before that I was a meember of the site when it was, and before that when it was

So maybe bullock has a similar situation? And anyone who thinks Tito ever fought at 185 is a tad new.

Ok fuckheads, I was of course referrring to his fights with Vanderlei and Frank S, where he fought at middleweight (199, now 185). Or wasnt it middleweight?

Anyways he looked much less muscular then.

If Tito could find some sort of disease....if there was only some place. Where or where could Tito contract something, maybe he could lose some weight. Hmmmmm.