Could Tua beat Vitali?

I believe Vitali leaves himself open for big shots by leaning away from punches and standing so upright. He was fortunate that Sanders was in horrible shape and couldn't keep up his agrressiveness. This makes me wonder, do you guys think Tua, who has good endurance and carries his punching power into the later rounds, would eventually catch him?

What do you think?

Ha ha I think you better get used to that name. I am probably the biggest Tua fan here so I'll be the first to say that he has a chance. I'd certainly root for Tua if this fight ever happens, but I'm not so sure if he could beat Vitali.

What I'd like is for Tua to fight Tyson, I think he would crush Mike at this point.

Actually, IF Tua comes in shape, he could beat him.

Tua in shape... think back to the Ibeabucci fight, is busier, has a great
chin, is the biggest puncher, and can actually walk you down the whole

In any event, I doubt we'll ever see that Tua again.

The comparrisons to Lewis, and Byrd unfortunately are not accurate.
Byrd is the best defensive heavywieght out there, and even though
we've never seen it before or since from Lewis, he was on wheels the
whole night.

Lewis never stopped circling(unless he was far enough to drop a right
hand) to keep away from Tua's left hand, and basically sprinted out of
the corners to make sure not to get stuck there. Unless Klitchko can
make it a track meet like Lewis did, he could get into big trouble.

Tua hasn't fought in a while. Vitali likes to use a lot of head movement compared to his bro. Sanders had him on the ropes, but just couldn't find the right spot cause Vitali was moving his head too much. If Tua got him on the ropes and tossed that left hook at the body it would help a lot, but I doubt he's that smart.

could Tua even reach Vitali's head?

Tyson is dangerous to Vitali?? Tyson hasn't done shit lately, isn't as fast as Sanders and dosen't hit as hard either. If Vitali could take Sanders punches, he could take Tyson's best. Watch the Lewis fight for an example of how this would go.

While both big men, I don't think VK is all that much like Lewis. VK doesn't have the power Lewis has, which is not to say he's weak. I like Vitali a lot, but to me he certainly looks catchable.

Tua and Tyson, even faded as they are, are both still very dangerous men. In this fight Vitali showed a tendency to get in too close when Sanders was on the ropes. Against Tua or Tyson the shots that wobbled VK might have been fight enders. Not many people have weathered the storm after getting staggered by either of these guys.

Tyson and Tua have punchers' chances but I
wouldn't bet on them. Tua is one of the biggest
disappointments in the heavyweight division in
recent memory and Tyson has shown no
inclination to want to train and fight.

Gator has always had a hard on for guys who have
big punches but the guy with the harder punch
often doesn't win the fight, especially if he cannot
get inside.

"Tyson hasn't done shit lately, isn't as fast as Sanders and dosen't hit as hard either."


Tyson is notwhere near as fast as he was in his prime. Sanders is faster at this point IMO. Also why are you talking about Wladimir? I'm talking about Vitali here. What I said was that if Vitali could take Sanders punches, he could most likely take Tyson's. You act as if he will be in awe when he finally tastes Tyson's power, like it is something supernatural. If Tyson does hit harder than Sanders, it isn't by any significant degree. Sanders is a wrecking ball on legs.

Vitali still showed marked technical errors that he hasn't improved. He leaves his arms too far apart. He still can't turn over a hook. And as soon as a fighter gets out of his preferred range he has trouble. He even circled to Sanders left a move which almost cost him the fight early on.

His huge natural advantages can take care of most opponents. And seeing as how this batch of heavyweights sucks balls he could even string together a few wins.

Also even though Sanders was averaging about 15 punches a round Klit was still backing off.

"Sanders is faster at this point IMO"

LOL again. We're on a roll today

Sanders isn't faster than Tyson, but he's a whole hell of a lot faster than people expect a fat 38 year old to be. VK said it himself, people worry so much about his left hand they forget how quick his right can come out.

Sanders also plays possum pretty well. Everytime VK thought he had him hurt Sanders would lash out and prove he was still dangerous. This forced VK to be cautious and kept the fight at a slower pace, benefiting Sanders.

I really don't think Tyson is very quick with his hands at all these days. Looked like a slow piece of shit vs. Brian Nielson. There are plenty of guys who are faster. Holyfield looked quicker and more energetic vs. Rahman than I've seen Tyson look in awhile. He's still faster than the average heavyweight, but maybe you guys are watching him fight and imagining we're still in 1986.

Have you guys even see Tyson vs. Nielson, the last time he actually won against a game, determined opponent? Or how lethargic and uninspired he was in losing against Lewis? You are all watching Tyson with blinds over your eyes, the man is done.

Brian Nielson is not an impressive fighter. I don't care what his record is, it's severely padded. I have the fight on my computer. It took Tyson 7 rounds to make him quit, he did not knock him out. Nielson came into the fight in horrible shape at a fat 260lbs, barely threw any hard punches, and Tyson still looked mediocre pounding away at him. I remember a headline on one of the boxing news websites that read "A slow, fat Tyson beats a slower, fatter, Brian Nielson." Summed the fight up perfectly.

And this fight took place in October of 2001; Tyson has only gotten worse since then.

Tyson looked like he could still be pretty quick in the Etienne fight, and I'm not talking about the KO

LOL @ "...Vitali would've joined his brother in the L category, checking their blood sugar levels at the hospital."

I'm no fan of Tyson either, but I don't think he's lost all his speed. Against Etienne he looked improved over the version that fought Nielson. The Nielson fight might as well been watching him work on a heavy bag for 25 minutes.

Actually, Sander's left hand is pretty crisp... the rest of his movement
may be slow and somewhat plodding, but the left hand actually comes
off pretty decent.

Tyson has lost his speed... especially in his feet, he's just another
heavy as far as that's concerned at this point. Plus, he is only good for
a round or two.

If Klitchko could keep him off of him for 2 rounds, he has an easy

Also, if you were Tyson's handler, Etienne would be your blueprint for
the perfect opponent...

stands in front of you/softer chin/no power