could vanderlei fight the heavies

i don't think so, he's too used to overpowering his opponents, can't think of any heavyweight he could push around

in fact i think heath could take him

i think he has fought against hwvy in the past, back in brazil.


yeah but if his current dietry regieme carries on and he takes his vitamins (not sure if there is a space missing) he'll be big enough soon.....

He says he weighs 225 now. He would only weigh 3 pounds less than Crocop and around 10 less than Fedor and Nogueira.

vitamin s? I think he should stay at 205, still a lot of fights left there for him.

Silva v Fedor=Fedor by brutal gnp

Silva v Nog=Nog by sub

Silva v Crocop=Silva

Silva v Herring=Silva

I am not so sure Nog would sub Vanderlei. I am inclined to think Silva would beat Nog by dec. I think he would also beat Cro, and Herring in MMA as well. Fedor maybe not but you never know in MMA

I love him, but he would def have his hands full...

I can imagine Silva beating Nogueira by decision, though I think Nogueira would be more likely to take the match by sub or decision.

I think Silva would beat Crocop. Fedor would be too much for him. I think Herring might be too big for him. Heath would probably drag him down and pound on him for a win by decision, cut TKO, or possibly even hammerfist KO a la Takahishi. If Nogueira couldn't sub Herring, Silva isn't going to.