Could Vitor v Randy ended like..

i was thinking today, is it feasible that Vitor v Randy may have finished similar to Hughes v Penn.

In their respective weights Hughes and Couture are both very respected wrestlers, and vitor and penn known for their striking and jiu jitsu.

before the 'freak punch cut' vitor had reversed randy onto the fence with the underhooks.

now if Randy went for the takedown soon after, (and we have every reason to believe he would, and that the fight would go to the ground), allowing that vitor had the underhooks, if it went to the ground in a somwhat awkward way with scrambling for position, do you see Vitor getting the sub on Randy the way Penn got it on hughes>

admittidly both seemed reasonably unlikely up until Penn shocked most of us, but having seen that it makes me think that its possible Vitor and Randy may have gone the same sort of way,.


steady on..

wow, 40 views and no one has an opinion?

a UG first!

Heh@steady on.

Vitor looked tidy I'll say that much, but it just goes back to the speculation before the fight, and I still wouldn't pick against Randy.

Vitor does not even belog in there fighting for the title. Rematch will prove everything.

"before the 'freak punch cut' vitor had reversed randy onto the fence with the underhooks."

No. This was after the punch. I think that the cut was the reason Randy allowed Vitor to get him in that situation. At that time he was in alot of pain and could not see.

ah good point. thanks for making that accurate.

regardless though, my point in all of this was that i didnt expect BJ to get Hughes the way he did. and looking at how they all matchup, i could imagine vitor getting a win the same way now, however two weeks ago i probably wouldnt have.