could we do an online rpg?

could this be done? a forum online 3.5 d&d ?

well, i dont think OMA is a nerd, so i think we are good ;)


I'd love to do it. If I can find an online dice roller I could even do it at work.. The only think is, how can you gurantee soemone is being honest?

I'd be all for playing, but wouldn't want to be a DM.

Also, I haven't played D&D for about 12 years, but always thought it would be fun to play an online campaign.

is there a direct IP connect program with the DM that would verify the die roll or something?

There is this:

I'm not sure if there's a way to verify it, though.

There's also this:

It's a download, but allows the DM to verify rolls.

I'm in!!

or just let the DM roll everything himself. no harm in that.

I'd be in. It would give something to do at work.


i haven't played d&d for years now....i need a regular camaign of people that will actually show up for shit......i'd play every other month even.....i have a huge chest in my basement FILLED with about $3000-$5000 worth of d&D and MSH stuff.....