Could you be a Bounty Hunter?

This was in my YouTube recommendations today lol.

I’m guessing it’s worth a watch?

Yeah it’s worth a watch.

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I can’t believe that the badges (US Marshal look-alike) are legal. That stuff is no-go for private security in most states.

I could be a transporter when they are bound and cuffed, duct tape over their mouths


Yes, I can yell “Get him, Leland!”


No, I don’t know that I have the self control with the fucking toxic waste they call humanity today. I’d end up in prison for felonious assault or murder eventually.

And that’s 100% my failing. Too much exposure to the dregs of society.

Maybe if I had some beskar armor…otherwise, hell no, I’m getting old and getting out of bed is suddenly an opportunity for unsuspected injury.


I think I could but way too many better ways to make money!!!

“I gotta eat”

Like he doesn’t get food stamps

Companies aren’t there because of the shit culture and ppl

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In my own limited experience, bounty hunters are no better than the criminals they are chasing. I have had one removed from a hotel for impersonating a federal agent before, and have had another attempt to break into a secure area.

I dunno about that but I do know that if you asked me this question in real-life, I’d knock you out with a single punch.

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Not a chance. It’s a lousy, immoral system that should have been eliminated & outlawed a century ago. Outsourcing the courts’ work is ridiculously unethical.

Edit: Not a condemnation of anyone here who happened to land in that industry. Should be clear I’m hating the game, not the player.

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Dying ain’t much of a living, boy.

I looked into it when I was young. It seems like a shitty way to make a living



I worked with a few quite a bit when I was younger.

Shitty way to make a living.

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OPM’s video is hilarious. “Ex special forces, cops, mercenaries, and ninjas…”

eric cartman hall monitor GIF by South Park

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