Could you beat a 205 lb. boxer?

Could you beat a 200 lb boxer?

Guys like: Tyson when he was 205 lb. David Tua if he cut to 205 when he was about 220 lb.

Roy Jones at 195 lb?

Evander Holyfield etc.

So what about How good do you feel your chances vs. one of these guys would be

I think I'd beat these guys easily. I already punch harder than any of them and I could just take them down and submit them.

I already posted this thread about 2 hours ago.


No you posted 130 lb boxer.

nope I'll ttt

Well I see no reason not to flog a dead horse.

i could beat almost any pro any their chess

No we are talking about a fight here.

If you wanna call out a boxer for a game of chess go to

come on i thought that was pretty funny

No. At that weight one punch would kill me.