Could you beat a pro boxer?

So here is the official question. Do you feel you could beat a professional boxer like Lennox Lewis, Roy Jones Jr. Mike Tyson, David Tua, Vitali Kilitchko etc in a street fight?

How about guys who are far from top teir? Like Micheal Grant, Andrew Golata, Frans Botha etc?

Just currious to see the responses.


if i had a gun i could fuk this up really bad

in a street fight Ill just bumrush them and take them to the ground. If I miss I lose lol

Absolutely not.

My single and double leg takedowns suck. If I tried to clinch with them to take them down, they would prob knock me out.


On this thread, consider all of your opponents to be heavyweights only.


Yes, I could beat them in the street, but not the ring. Let the flaming begin!

Gary Hughes


I would simply KO them with my lightning fast right cross.

Actually I would run like hell.

I would knock Lennox Lewis out with a flying 1040 degree spinning back kick while drinking a cup of tea and balancing a bucket of water on my head.

Tae-Bo chicks would knock me out pretty easily.

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A question to add to this thread would be "Have you ever sparred with, or trained with, a top tier boxer?"
I really dont think most people have any appreciation for the speed and power these guys possess. At the very top level, these guys are world class athletes, and I think most people fail to realize this fact.

I am a lowly journeyman boxer at best and I have to go light when sparring with most of the people I train with, including damn good grapplers and some MMA fighters.

Conversely, I've sparred with some high level (but still far below upper echelon pro level) boxers and they've toyed with me.

It seems to me that most men (and boys) have no clue about how much faster, stronger, and intense elite athletes are compared to the rest of us normal guys.

Just like most people dont realize what studs a D-1 wrestler is physically, until they roll with one, most people seriously underestimate the athleticism of others, and overestimate their own abilities.

Most adult men lack the reflexes needed to get a bat in motion before a MLB pitch was in the catcher's glove. Most of us cant sprawl fast enough to stop an Iowa wrestler from taking us down. And, most of us wouldn't even see the punch that a prime Roy Jones would knock us out with, let alone react in time to avoid it.


chadk makes a lot of sense.

OF COURSE! I think we have already determine anyone with a little ground training could take TYSON! Now think how easy the average pro-boxer would be compared to that!

chadk took the correct and knocked it the fuck out

I'd love to fight a pro boxer so that I could get murdered on the first punch.

Providing like 90% of boxers they know little about sprawling and groundwork, for sure I could.

COULD being the operative here.

I would get killed. If I survived the first punch I'd probably be a drooling retard.

... no...certainly not on our feet,on the ground I'd stand a chance. Hey,I'm a realist.

"A question to add to this thread would be "Have you ever sparred with, or trained with, a top tier boxer?"

Agreed, so how bout some story telling?

I used to work with Mike Moorer and Dennis Andries a lot at Kronk from around 87-91 or so. Felt I held my own, never got knocked down, knocked Andries down twice. Anyone else have some good gym wars w/ some top fighters??