Could you beat BUTTER BEAN?

This guy is not really the joke a lot of people want to make him out to be- 2 of his 3 MMA losses were to experienced guys (Minowa and Sudo), he did alright in legitimate boxing matches, and has been training with ATT in Florida on his grappling skills, sweeping and armlocking Zulu in his most recent PRIDE appearance, despite weighing in at 407 lbs., one of his heaviest weights yet.

Sherdog has him ranked as the #5 "Super Heavyweight" in the world.

This could be MMA, Boxing, or Muay Thai.

Think you can hang with him in what 95% of you deem "a freak show" match?

I would fight him MMA and use Genki's gameplan. Freak him out by sticking butt at him. Throwing a side kick, running around, etc. Going for the ankle-pick to leglock.

No. He'd beat me.

yeah, and inf0, he'd beat the living shit out of you.

It's pretty safe to say that for most people (even pro fighters), if the bean lands a clean shot, it's probably going to be lights out.

I would venture a guess that there are only a handful of guys here that wouldn't get totally killed, and even fewer that could legitimately beat him.

That's a WHOLE lot of man right there, and with actual skill, that's dangerous.

I'd go Muay Thai with him.

It would be fun - and it wouldn't hurt till I woke up :)


Have to put on some weight and get some heavy TD work in beforehand.

BB is a great example of why you cant judge someone just by what you think a dangerous fighter looks like.

I dont see how he isnt in mortal agony with every movement he makes yet Ive seen him in fights that go 8 minutes and he somehow isnt gassed out of mind Tank Abbott style.

He is also unique though in that when he does get tired he can basically just stop fighting and rely on the other guy not being able to hurt him too bad.

I've actually deveolped quite an admiration for Butterbean,the guy has worked hard as hell for years, went through toughman to boxing and now he's trying mma and winning with submissions! How can you not like that kind of open-mindedness and willingness to try different things and learn, especially from someone his size who most people wouldn't think had a great chance in sports? On top of that he's always seemed like a genuinely decent and nice guy. I'm jumping aboard the BB bandwagon,the guy is ok in my book.

Butterbean would kick my sorry ass.

Me vs Butterbean would look like Johnny Knoxville vs Butterbean

He outweighs me by like 200 lbs, he'd own me

I don't think that most people could hurt him with a punch (after seeing him allow Knoxville a free shot, and barely noticing, I don't think that I could hurt him much).

But leg kicks, thats how you do it.

He'd probably put me in the hospital.

Size does count.

Even for a huge guy he takes punishment like its candy kisses. His K-1 fight with Marcus Royster was beyond brutal.

Hey InfAg, it looked like it to me. The "Yeah", I though was reffering to the thread title. My mistake.

I am not saying that I could actually get the leg kicks, but that would be my plan. He is a little to heavy to try and submit on the ground.

inf0, you have to realize that a lot of kickboxers haven't figured that out yet.

I could probably take him playing Galaga!

Could I beat butterbean = prob not.........