Could you beat Chris Cuomo in fist fight?

The guy is pretty big and strong. I’ve seen him listed at 6’2“ but I think he is more like six foot. He looks to be about 210 and cut. Hed probably be tough till he gassed but by then his body guards would wisk him away.

In a no time limit fight could you beat Chris or would he label you fake news? I think I can take him. One takedown is all I need. I could also chop him down with leg kicks.

  • I beat Mr. 100 pound dumbell
  • He’d kick my ass and label me fake news

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There isnt an American political figure that I can’t beat even if I had the flu.

The real flu not that pussy covid nonsense.

I would not want to fight Putin, however.


Id love the opportunity.


I think Dan Crenshaw would beg to differ. Also, Morgan Luttrell is running for a Rep seat in Texas. Marcus’ twin brother.

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I’ll beat his and his brothers ass in the same night!


I’d love to try

Surprised you didn’t list Jim Jordan:

A two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion, Jordan won the 1985 and 1986 NCAA championship matches in the 134-pound weight class. Jordan earned a master’s degree in education from Ohio State University in Columbus and obtained a J.D. degree from Ohio’s Capital University Law School in 2001.


I’d ground and pound him while Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper watched and jerked each other off


Attack him from his right and he wouldn’t see it coming.


That’s fucked up.

But it would probably work.


I don’t know much about him. Seems like a man’s man. I bet he’s a Republican.


And they are good at fist fighting…why exactly?

Put me in coach.


Go spar with an experienced SEAL, then report back.

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I have and i ragdolled a couple.

You think having made it into the seal teams makes one a good hand to hand fighter?




Fredo is a bitch.


Congratulations. You are either in the extreme minority of trained fighters who would walk through the typical SEAL, were dealing with a wannabe, or suffer from the typical OG delusions of grandeur.

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Ah, I see you edited it.

No, but there is a level of toughness and tenacity that is required, above and beyond what most people are capable of. That, and the hand to hand training they go through demands a certain level of competence.

Same thing with a high level wrestler. They may not have a good striking background, but their inate toughness and athleticism give them an edge over most people.

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No more than what a good purple belt gives out on open mat. Less if they haven’t trained much.

Your assessment of seals is only partially correct. Yes they have a level of physical and mental toughness. But they are just normal dudes, not supermen.

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