Could you beat Chris Cuomo in fist fight?

Your assessment of Fredo, Chris Cuomo is straight out of fantasy land.

I think you’re confused. I never said anything about Fredo, though I think he’s a pussy.


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I slapped a guillotine on a SEAL in a grappling tournament and got the win. I admire those guys more than anyone and think they’re supreme baddasses, but nothing the Navy teaches them makes them a better fighter than what is taught in MMA academies. At least as far as a straight up man to man fight goes. Yes, mentally they have a different gear than most and I’m jealous of it. Their all around war fighter acumen and skill set is inspring. But they’d have to supplement their SEAL training with boxing, BJJ, and MT like the rest of us to fight worth a damn.


Exactly right. I think people who have never hung out with seals (or SF or any other special unit) have an inflated view of them as people and as fighters.

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Just normal dudes, got it.

Have you ever met one? Not on Call of Duty.

Me? No. Never. Not a one. I don’t even play Call of Duty. I just base my assumptions off of thin air and Charlie Sheen in the 80s.
I have no idea the mental toughness required to endure deployment after deployment in shit conditions and shit situations. None at all.

I am out of shape at the moment, but I am pretty sure years of being a boxing/mma wannabe added up to enough training to fuck fredo up.


I would like to fight him. Absolutely no experience outside 2 yrs (less than) Muay Thai.

Would fight because I don’t like him. Punching him would be great. He’s physically bigger, but I’ll be as dirty as I need to be, and I’d win.

I never said they’re not mentally or physically tough. Let’s not get all dramatic

You said, direct quote, “just normal dudes.”

Then you insinuate that I base my “assumptions” off Call of Duty.

And I bet you think Jedburgh1 is just some hipster-looking tacticool gear queer with a fancy rifle.

Tactical banjos are all the rage right now

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Did anyone watch the video? Clearly Cuomo wasn’t even trying to pretend it was real— seemed like a big joke. Is that not obvious?

I think Cuomo is a douche but I don’t think he was trying to fool anyone here.

Yes, I said they’re not supermen, just normal dudes, as in they can be hurt or killed or beaten in a fight just like anyone else. They are physically and mentally tough. They go through some tough training.

I like Jedburgh. Why would I say that bad stuff about him? I think he’s a normal dude too.

He is a loud mouth, and when he trained at LA Fitness/Reebok Club on the upper west side of Manhattan he was known for always threatening people to fight during pickup basketball games.

I have found that guys like that, especially if they are Italian American from New York, are all bark no bite.

I have close to 15 years of boxing and 5yrs at Renzos.

Speed kills, and I can still move fast and light on my feet, the only thing he has on eye is some size, so I give myself an 85% chance of being able to gas him pretty quickly then light him up.

I have run in to much worse in boxing gyms than Chris Cuomo and been just fine.


Yep. Worked w one. He never brought it up. After a year of working w this humble smart and all around good guy a coworker told me he was a SEAL. He was 6’3” which is huge for a SEAL just because carrying a big frame like that isn’t easy to lug around for the physical exertion it takes to pass BUDS.
Now I see him and his daughter are training and competing in judo tournaments.
He is the last guy I’d ever want to fight or cross.
There was a guy that I wanted to beat the shit out of around my town. He calmly told me about how to rig his break lights into his gas tank so when he hit the brakes the truck would explode. Lol

In a world where people are happy to sit home and collect instead of go out and work, where they whine about how unfair life is, get fat on Big Gulps and McRibs, lose their shit over mean tweets, get off on having “sexually liberated” wives, I would consider anyone who earned their Trident far above normal.
Anyone who finished Q course and made a career out of being a snake eater is a step above that.
Congrats on having above-average skills and the ability to handle yourself in the gym. There’s plenty of that around here. Years of training and dedication created that. So you wouldn’t be considered “just a normal dude” either.


Chris Cuomo grew up a rich brat, and the likelihood he has ever been in a real fistfight as a kid or a young adult is very slim.

He would be taken back when I punched him, and he would get angry and come at m win a temper tantrum. I have been punched in the face thousands of times, it isn’t going to phase me much even if he breaks my nose again.

I think his loud mouth and lack of experience illustrate insecurity and a lack of propensity for violence.

He is an Alec Baldwin type.


You trained at Renzo’s proper in Midtown, or on our side of the Hudson?