Could you beat Laila Ali in boxing

I have no doubt that I could take her down and proceed to tool her in a fight, but a straight boxing match I am pretty sure I would get embarrassed.

Could YOU beat her in a boxing match?

absolutely not.

Hell no I couldn't.

I would knock that bitch the fuck out. I weigh 230 lbs... and I'm no banana. :)

no shot

Sh1t... now I'll get flamed!

Actually, Kostakio, you may not.

If you're 230 pounds, pretty strong and have some skill it wouldn't be beyond reason to say you could beat her.

You are going to be far stronger, outweigh her considerably and have much more power.

If you got her with some good body shots or maybe just one shot down the middle you would probably win. She probably couldn't knock you out.

You'd lose by cuts or getting outlanded 20-1

"If you're 230 pounds, pretty strong and have some skill it wouldn't be beyond reason to say you could beat her."

lol Thanks. I'm glad someone agreed with me. Besides, if a chick... ANY chick... beat me at a combat sport... I don't know... I think I'd fackin' kill myself, dude. No lie. lol

I think I would win.


if you are not a professional boxer, shhh even a top level amauter boxer; in a straight boxing match, you would get your ass handed to you by Laila.

My guess is no.

I might be able to finish her but she'd be lighting me up the entire time before I landed the punch.

I would KO her in 1 round.

i don't watch women's boxing. this question is like asking how i'd do against some fucker that plays cricket; i don't know- i've never laid eyes on the guy.

what does laila even weigh?

Take her down and submit her, gorilla style.

"I assure you this would happen. Especially after you gassed in the first minute."

lol @ making assumptions without even knowing me.

I could last for TWO minutes, bitch! Just ask your girl! budampum

I would crush her, and after seeing highlights of her from "Dancing with the Stars", I think I can out dance her

Nearly any male "fighter" would K.O. her fairly quickly if they were serious. My ex-wife was a boxer, I trained with a young Christy Martin and have also trained with alot of good male fighters. Frankie Randall, "Prince" Charles Williams, Ross Purity, just for example. There is absolutely no comparison.

If you have some boxing skill and are fairly athletic your going to win with a lot more ease than you might expect.

BTW, Lucia Rijker fought a very mediocre male kickboxer. I remember her saying that as soon as his first leg kick landed she thought to herself, "OMG, what have I gotten myself into?".