Could You Hang With Floyd in Boxing?

Im a little shorter than Mr. Paul and a big heavier (all muscle), so I believe Floyd would have nothing for me. Floyd showed hes clueless vs. a taller larger man, unable to get inside, unable to land his sloppy looping hooks from too far away, and unable to hurt me with his best shots.

Moneyweather is good at boxing up other 145 lb men, but against a normal sized man? A valiant effort but a tough 12 year old is no threat to a real man. Could you keep Floyd at bay and bully him in the clinch?

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Well I could def beat him at driving

Am I rite?

You could outread and write him too! Does that little man even drive? Probably have to sit on a stack of books and have some contraption attached to his feet so he can reach the pedals.

100% no.

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He’d beat the shit of you literally. First body shot that lands you’ll be shitting your pants like you just had a midnight run to Taco Bell. You’re about as tough as sour dough bread butt head.


Uh I think its more likely he ducks and weaves from the outside scared to exchange, bullrushes in and gets clinched up. LOL @ that little man beating the shit out or a regulad sized adult. He is known as a weak puncher among 145 lb guys

You’ve never been punched by a professional lol. He’d piece you up faster then your dog finishes on your leg.

Just like he pieced up a hobbyist youtuber.

But you’re a bad ass. You wouldn’t hold on for dear life like Paul was.

I guess you missed where I said I’d clinch him easily like Paul did. Your a litttle man scared of a pillow fisted 135er. Stop talking to me. You dont get to talk to me anymore. Dont even respond.

This is what you said bad ass. Sounds like you wouldn’t need to clinch. Especially not as much as Logan.

I’d show Floyd cheddars discord screen caps and Floyd would be obligated to sleep him for the culture :joy:

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That YouTube guys boxing is so bad. I thought it would at least be a little bit ok. Geez.

Mayweather is a master at carrying a fight and he couldn’t even make that match look good. Geez.

Now go home OP, you’re drunk

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I don’t have the range and height, so no, Floyd would absolutely toy with me. T’would be quite an embarrassing display of difference in skill.

Could you hang with Errol Spence and Canelo? Errol is Floyd’s weight class champ and Floyd beat Canelo.

OP vs Canelo, Kirik make it happen.

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In guessing these Spence and Carnelo guys think theyre bad. While Floyd is a defensive boxer that could give me problems, these dudes would probably come charging in thinking they are 135 lb power punchers and would get sat down fast.

No, dumbass. It’s floyd mayweather. That’s like asking if you could hang with a Navy jet pilot after 3 months of flight training.

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