Count Bisping Fighting For His Career

He is 33 years old, soon to be 34. 

He has consistently said all he wants is that title shot. He has been chassing the title shot for over 89 months.

Brian Stan and Dan Miller are the best fighters he has beat to date (sorry Leben).

If he loses to Vitor on January 19th, is it safe to say he will never earn a title shot?  What happens to Bisping if it becomes clear he cannot beat top a 5 (and maybe even top 10) fighter?

I actualy like Bisping. He has played the role of the guy we love to hate very well. I see this fight against Vitor as the fight for his career.

umm no

Belfort is going to sleep in Rd 3.

Like, he's literally going to be that tired by Rd 3. No way in hell Bisping can PUT him to sleep, he's just gonna kinda go to sleep on his own. Ref stoppage due to inactivity on the back from Vitor.

Fight back, Vitor!

*pillow punches*

"But I'm tired, Mr. Dean"


*pillow punches*

Herb steps in.

"his best wins are miller and stann"

thats so sad for someone whos been in the ufc as long as he has and gets paid as much. He really hit the lottery being born british or hed never get anywhere near that money