Countdown to UFC 83 TV show = really terrible

Watching the countdown show on Spike right now and this one strikes me as the worst one of if its kind they've ever done.

Usually I enjoy these programs as they show the training the fighters are doing, who they're training with, fight strategies, training regimens, etc.

On this one, it seems to be mostly a soap opera, complete with soft music cues, where they talk about the fighters emotions, how they felt when they lost, what it was like when their fathers passed away, the pain of a divorce, etc.

Quite honestly, I don't care about that stuff. I want to know how they're going to fight!

Watching it right now. Enjoying it.

 I actually thought this was one of, if not the best one they've had yet.  You can only see so much tire-sledgehammer action like the others are filled with.  There was more emotion, however contrived some may think it is.  Travis Lutter in particular benefited from this, as he had an avenue to show some personality on this show, and open a can of worms with the whole "Franklin faked his surgery" deal.  Good show.

I thought it was well done. Make the Countdown shows reveal the personal stories of the fighters and Rachelle's show reveal their training regimes. 

yeah we all know that they hit pads, spar, run, lift weights and shit.

its good that theyre delving into the personal side of the fighters. helps the fans connect to them and make them want them to win that much more.

although there should be some training footage.

that was his brother. 0-1 in ufc and not sure his record beyond that.