counter strike

so i got half life and counter strike...

but where should i play? everytime i log on some asshole is like 'man, someone boot foo' and im just like '....' cause i dont know how to type in-game.

so do any of you guys play? and if so, where? i dont want to play with a bunch of cockasses. maybe we could arrange a game sometime.

why do they say they want to boot you? Look at your control settings for I believe "Talk" and "Team Talk" buttons which is what you press to type in a message to others.

Are you using steam?? If so, I'll get together with you... if not... go to:

...and download the "Counter-Strike Steam Installer: (379.4 MB)", setup an account and post your username here. My steam username is Truewrestler

i am using steam, my username is foo55

i think i was just messing their shit up and everyone was getting pissed since i suck so much.

maybe later tonight we can arrange of game if anyone is up for it

I'll add you to my list... I should be on some tonight...

some people are just asses to new players =)

...have you tried Day of Defeat? I play that more than CS.

But it's kewl to b00t n00bs, dewd!

i played day of defeat once last night before bed but the server i was on was lagginglike shit so i just dropped it

Maybe they are kicking you cause you are the lagger. I normally don't get kicked for no reason.