counter to knee-thru 1/2 pass?

I need some no gi advice on dealing with a guy who makes some space in my half guard, frees his trapped knee and drives it forward, over my "inside leg", to begin to pass.

With a gi, I pretty successfully counter this, Gordo-style, with a knee bump to the butt. This gets me in good position to work toward their back. But, what I've discovered is that (at least for me) this is pretty grip dependent. I used his belt/cloth to keep him close and in control.

Without the gi, and with some sweat added to the mix, I am having no luck controlling him after the butt-bump and he is able to slide right out into side control.

Any thoughts on countering this 1/2 pass? Thanks for any help you can give. Cheers.

let him go pass, as he is passing, push head and near shoulder away from you, swing far leg over their head and lie flat right back into guard. Do not start pushing when they are still in half guard, wait until they are out of it and trying to establish side control.

It will take a while to get the timing down. If you drill this for a while, you'll get it quickly and be able to use it right away.


Thanks for the response. I think I have the idea. But, the "push on the far shoulder" part isn't quite clear to me. I'm not exactly sure what you mean.

It seems a bit scary to let him pass, but I like having a simple solution to a real pain in the arse problem like this.

Packer, can you explain the butt-bump to me? I think I know what you're talking about, but I call it something differently.

Also, without the gi for 1/2 guard, if they are passing to my right & I had his right leg trapped, I start pushing his head away from me with my left hand and start scooting my hips to my left and insert a butterfly hook with my left foot.

"Thanks for the response. I think I have the idea. But, the "push on the far shoulder" part isn't quite clear to me. I'm not exactly sure what you mean. "

I may be miscombobulated. At first I was like far shoulder? I mean near. Then when I edited my post, I thought about it again and realized far/near shouldn't be the terms. So I will try again.

Let him pass, as he is trying to establish side control push his face (the side pointing toward your feet) away from you and at the same time push the shoulder (Side toward your head) away from you. Swing the foot that is on the opposite side from your opponent, over his head (you will be basically on your side now with one foot sort of accross his chest) shift your hip that is now on the bottom out so you are sitting up, grab his wrist or sleeves and you should be in back in guard.

It is scary, but it works and after drilling will be natural. Sometimes you will miss and he will be in side control. If this happens do not worry, your fine and can get right back to half guard.


immediately grab the inside of the pants on opponents leg (The leg that is toward your feet) reach over his shoulder (That is toward your feet) or under the arm (that is toward your feet) and grab his belt.
Bridge over your shoulder that is away from opponent and pull his belt and lift his leg right into half guard.

Now the above doesn't work so well if opponent has his hand (That is toward your feet)into your hip or is grabbing your gi, pants, shorts, etc. under your butt. You need him to place that hand on the other side of your body, so to get them to do this, start walking your feet away from him like your trying to move north to south.

If he places his hand to the other side of you to stop you from walking your feet, you can then bridge and place into halfguard.

If he lets you go and moves to North/South, keep your hands where they are and roll inside toward the direction where your oponnent had side control and you will roll them over with you on top in North/South.

I am not good at explaining these things. I really do need to get my dvd camera out and film them to post.

ogjune: The butt bump is when he has driven his knee over your "inside" leg, you use your outside/free leg to knee him in the butt. This shoves him foward toward your head and gives you a much better shot at his back. It's kind of the same effect as getting the underhook and using your shoulder, but once the top guy's knee is through, the underhook and shoulder shuck is no longer do-able. It also makes him use at least one of his hands to stop him from face planting, which is a nice side-effect for the guy on the bottom. You can also use your free leg's foot to hook under his trapped foot, lift up hard, and that gets them moving forward, too.

Luoco: Thanks for taking the time on the blown out explanation. I'm going to take the text to class this weekend and try to work it out. Get that camera out soon, I'd love to see this whole sequence put together. Cheers.

ttt for a good solution

pictures would do wonders for this thread.

I'll selfishly TTT this for some pics. Thanks.