Counter to Margarida Pass?

Does anyone know any good counters to the Margarida pass? Terre did an article about the pass in Grappling Mag a few issues back.

Basically, it's where they grab your collar, and slide the knee across your leg, switching his hips, and landing in modified scarfhold?

Scotty said Gracie Barra had a ton of counters for this pass, I was wondering if anyone could share a few. Thanks.


how do you do the margarida guard pass?

Time to be an asshole. I train under Nova Uniao, and I have been shown a good defense.

I have a huge grin on my face. I have already used it, and it works.

So happy to train with such an innovative team.

However, Margarida is the man. If he gets his grips..forget about it!!

Can anyone describe the pass in more detail?


yeah, i am also not picturing the pass in question :\

Here is how I do the pass:

Standing in my opponent's guard, I grab his right collar with my right hand and drive HIS RIGHT knee down with my left. I drive my knee through as I pull up on his collar. When his right hand comes up to defend, I switch my left hand from his knee to his sleeve. I pull the sleeve up near my chest, drive my knee through, and sit against his body with my hips. When my legs have cleared, I drive into him and push his arm across his face.

mike jen showed us a good counter to that pass this weekend.

Thanks for that Andre, I have the issue in question and your description just added a missing link for me. This is rapidly becoming my favourite pass.

Far be it for me not to be an asshole :) but it seems that if there are certain core concepts which apply to almost all guard passes, a similar set of concepts must then apply countering almost all guard passes.So, if the core concepts for guard passing (restricted to 'tight' for the moment) are something along the lines of: establish posture, break legs open, restrict movement, control a leg to pass over, under, or around, continue to restrict movement as you pass, pin, then to counter most of these passes:

  1. Don't let them establish posture (break them down so they are so busy defending they can't even think about passing)

  2. Don't let them open your legs (go through closed guard positions exploiting any weak points that present themselves)

  3. Don't let them restrict your movement (scoot, switch hips, push their hips or shoulder or head, play open guard, etc.)

  4. Don't let them control a leg

  5. Don't let them pass the leg (use your other leg, your arms, your head, etc. to brace and restrict their movement, fill any space they give you to take back guard, take their back, reverse them, etc.)

  6. Don't let them pin you (go immediately into escape).

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Good post. Thinking like this has actually helped me solve several problems on my own. You think about what your opponent wants to do and then you work on not letting him have it.

Iron Man, what did he show last weekend?


kneeblock, contact me at, I can pass him the message by phone.

And to keep this thread going i'll add a counter to the first technique of MarsMan :)

When he grabs you around the waist, reach above one of his legs and grab your own pant leg. This way when he uncrosses his ankle you have control of his leg and can get a takedown. From grabbing his leg just pass as normal if he doesn't open his guard being sure to keep a hold of his leg until safe.

Kashk - could you please e-mail me at thanks bro

good counters guys.

If this is the pass that he uses against Saulo and then goes to baseball choke, I must shamelessly plug our DVD yet again as it has two or three options for this move.

Please check it out as it supports a school opening and college club.

Chris Owen

rgarida uses this pass everytime.

Just come down to Rio I will u them all.


Thanks for the tips. Scotty, I will try to take you up on that offer!