Countering guard passing with a tornado roll

I´ve seen Chuck Anzalone´s video on the tornado roll and the inverted guard and I´ve seen some good grapplers use the move a lot. I´m pretty new with the whole tornado rolling and using the move to counter guard passing. You see, I´m not totally sure what kind of situations I should be using the move in. I mean is it something I could try to use everytime the guy is passing to the side? What about other situations pertaining to guard passing?

Anybody remember some good matches where the roll is used to counter the guard pass?


watch ryan hall's matches. he uses the shoulder roll all the time.


if someone is passing over your right leg to your right and you put your left foot over and in front of his shoulder/face to stop him. that is a good time to do the tornado roll.

watch out for the footlock as you come over though.

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Please god stop calling it the tornado roll.

 the tootsie roll???

It is a spin.

 From my perspective the use of the tornado roll is the following:

With this move you are creating a plane so the body of your opponent can´t crush you and pin you. When I use for example the shrimp escape I have my opponent in front of my shin. I have the better leverage but still my opponent can push into me.

With tornado roll is different. I just let him slide along my body and legs by creating a plane. For me that´s the big advantage of the tornado roll or something I call reverse tornado roll. I will have some stuff about this on my new DVD but maybe I can cut out this piece and put in here for free so people can see.

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I would like to see this. I'm particularly interested in using the roll when someone is trying to pass my guard. For example, if my opponent is passing to my right do I come to my knees then roll? If so, which direction?

I've tried this but I think I'm doing it wrong because my opponent keeps his arm hugged around my waist and stops me mid-roll. In this example I am on my knees with opponent on my left. I roll by diving my left shoulder under my torso, but if he hugs my waist with his right arm he can stop me from finishing the roll and creating space to retain guard.

I know this is difficult without video, but can you think of what I may be doing wrong?

not sure if this is what a tornado roll is, but i love this video:

ntshclr - not sure if this is what a tornado roll is, but i love this video:

That guy was a total spaz and left him so much space.


srsly ppl

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Anyone who thinks that Tornado Roll and Granby Roll are the same thing:

a) Doesn't know what a Tornado Roll is.
b) Doesn't know what a Granby Roll is.
c) All of the above

So, first of all, what is wrong with calling it a "tornado roll" ? Does it go by some other name then?

Second, I tried watching a lot of Ryan Hall's matches on youtube, and while he does use the move a lot, in the matches I saw, he uses it as an offensive weapon for triangles and the 50 heelhook. Even in the one match where I remember he got beat (vs. Cobrinha) he didn't really use it defensively to counter guard passing. So if anybody remembers some specific matches where it is used to counter guard passing I'd appreciate it. I´m pretty sure I've seen Glover use it in said fashion. I think I'll have to rewatch his matches.

Thanks to ntshclr; that is exactly what I was looking for.

Its not a roll. More of a 'swirl' IMO.

Basic move IMHO.

It's not basic at all to me. I can't do it live without hurting my neck.

Any advice?

The link to the clip posted above doesn't show Tornado Roll. In that clip, Ari Gallo is doing what I call a basic Turtle Roll, which most of you probably know how to do.

It's done when a guy has you turtled up and is on one side of you and you roll to recompose guard. In the clip he doesn't bother to go all the way to his knees and turtle most of the time, he just gets up high on his shoulder and then rolls back to guard. I use the same technique with a lot of success.

The Tornado Roll is indeed a roll AND a spin. If you hurt your neck while doing it then I suggest you take more time to practice doing it properly. I posted some clips on my youtube site and I am in the process of redoing the Tornado Roll & Inverted Guard DVD as well as a book on the same subject.

When I get some more time I will upload some more clips to youtube and I will also look for some matches where it is used to maintain and/or recompose guard.