Countering wrestler's single leg?

I already know to sprawl to defend a wrestler's shoot. Dang, some of those guys are quick though. My friend caught me with a single once or twice last night. 2 other times I blocked him by guillotine and sprawling. And another time when he grabbed my leg I turned and did Uchimata which worked great.

My question is that if he is not wearing a gi and he gets in on me, I dont have anything to grab onto because he is so low. I cant clinch, or head and arm, or overhook/underhook grip. Is there any defense once he gets in? can I just try and turn and do a gripless Uchimata by placing a hand on the ground and spinning over/ (I figured maybe since he is grabbing my leg his body will go where my leg does).



Get a whizzer on him and do an Uchi Mata. What I like to do is (especially if he's extremly low) is use one hand (the hand that does not have the whizzer) to push his head into the mat. (where the head goes the body goes).

Definitely use the whizzer (overhook).  With good hip pressure and a strong whizzer you can defend a high single leg attack.  As FAMLIMAN stated, you can use the uchi mata with a whizzer.  The flying scissors can also be performed from that position.

fuck all that shit!

if the guy is good enough to get that deep on me - chances are he isnt good enough to deal with my guard


When I get back in Omaha, I will test that guard & that ass.


MichaelArsanis: Definitely Uchimata, also Sumi Gaeshi and a surprise to most people(I make my students train this)Drop Ippon Seio Nage. Also, you can hit the Ude Garami and use it to finish rolling him and control the roll through.

I hope this helps


Overhand Whizzer grip sounds like a good idea. But if he is in tight, is there gonna even be enough space to get my arm around his?

Familiman, when you said use the other hand to drive his head towards mat did you mean ALONG with doing the Whizzer, or as an alternative to the whizzer?

Sumi Gaeshi sounds good too.

I cant imagine how to do the Drop Seo though - but Seo is not one of my throws anyway (I'm six one).

Jarvis explain to me how to use Ude Garami. I can't visualize it in this circumstance...


You might be able to use his lattismus dorsi as a handle.From a sprawl with you on top and pressuring your leg down, grab his lat with right hand and uchi away or maybe even harai. good luck, I keep giving up my back and end up fighting for my life . but i keep trying.

Michael Arsanis: fellow wrestler shoots nice low level single leg(or mid level, whichever is catching you)as he grabs the leg drop your weight in your hips. Then lower your torso to the outside shoulder of his body and frame his arm up. As he continues to drive or turn the corner go with his motion and use the "Ude Garami" frame up to turn or throw him. It sets you up perfectly for the armbar or hold down...whichever you prefer.

I know that wasn't the best description, but I tried:-)


you can also counter a single with something like a khaberelli. in no-gi it would be a lot more difficult to do, but still possible with some work put into it.

this is what i do, in a no gi situation.

i whizer & grab his opposite wrist & go for an uchimata. another one is, if i can fit the whizzer in tight i will put my free hand on his neck/face & with my hand that's whizzer i will grab my own wrist. i do this when i can't grab his other arm.

or you can piviot off your traped leg & figure 4(udegarami)his arm & try to roll into a juijigatame

I'd suggest if you're not wearing gis then you're answer isn't going to found in any typical Judo technique, basically because Judo is dependent upon the gi.

I may be stretching the analogy a tad here, but it's a bit like asking a golfer to correct your tennis serve.

That being said, I find Sumi Gaeshi an excellent throw to use on wrestling-style players when they fail to put away an immediate single leg.

Sitting arm bar. He's got your single leg high...pull him in tight, sit straight down and to his outside (same side as your picked leg), swing your free leg across his face, work for the armbar.

Get a whizzer or 2-on-1 then inside trip/ouchigari.

A variation on the sprawl is the pancake. I know they're similar but they're not exactly the same thing. Pancaking is easy. FLOP - guillotine...

"I'd suggest if you're not wearing gis then you're answer isn't going to found in any typical Judo technique, basically because Judo is dependent upon the gi."

I think you are exactly right saying that, the best way to defend a commonly used wrestling attack will probably a commonly used wrestling defense. Sure you can whizzer but there are a million counters to it. My advice is don't let them get that deep in the first place and if they do i reckon their is a good chance you are going to be put on your ass.

As for this talk of arm bars and figure fours, i very much doubt their success. If any one with half a clue has a single on you.
1. They are tight, with their head down in your ribs, it will be hard work to isolate an arm before getting taken down.
2. To make it even harder they are going to be trying to take you down. You will be struggling to keep your balance let alone pull off some arm bar from that position.

But keep trying.

Gotta do the "Harley starter"!

Lean forward on him and quickly rip the captured leg down & backwards and put all your weight on it. (like your starting up a kick start engine)

Sumi Gaeshi is my favorite counter, and it can absolutely be used no gi. Grab behind his head, and on the inside arm.

You can also do a flying triangle. If he has your right captured leg between his legs, move your leg to your right in a looping motion, so that you are no longer between his legs. Then jump your left leg up over his shoulder, and you should land with a loose triangle. Immediately upon landing, tighten the triangle up.


What's a pancake?