Counting kilojoules???

Hi Guys. I want to loose 6 kgs in about 8 weeks (80 - 74kgs)and rather than just start a diet I was going to track the amount of kjs I eat and burn through excercise daily.

What I'm having difficulty in is finding out the numbers I should be using. I've got a book that indicates the amount of kjs in food and has a guide for kjs burnt in certain types of excercise. So my questions are
- what daily number of kjs should I strive for if I use a formula like - kjs in minus kjs burnt equals the ideal amount for me to loose 6kgs in 8 weeks
- are there any good internet sites that would show this (I found some but they were less than helpfull)?
- is there a better way fo me to do this?

Any feedback or advice is most welcome. Thanks, Goodo

Don't forget to calculate your basal metabolic rate.

open a free account at

huge database of food and exercice for calories. once you start playing with it a little, you'll like it.

Thanks heaps guys I found those sites very helpful.

So in the end I need to keep my daily calories at 1540 or kilojoules at 6165 which is the figure I was after.

And yes Dogmeat I'm from Australia and that was definetly part of what I was finding confusing.

So now I'm going to consume many kilojoules of beer tomorrow night before I start the hards yards.

Cheers, GOODO