Countries with the politest people?

What are the countries/cultures with the politest people? best manners?

What does the OG have to say?

Thailand from the ones I've met Phone Post 3.0

Oh, tht was more friendliness then politeness I guess Phone Post 3.0

YukiNakai'sEye - Japan? Phone Post 3.0
Good answer Phone Post 3.0


New Mexico.

I joke. Phone Post 3.0

The only correct answer is Somalia.

Canada is a good choice minus Quebec. French are rude. Phone Post

Probably Canada or the UK. Phone Post

Country? Canada.

From the countries ive visited id say thai people were the easiest and nicest people to get along with Phone Post 3.0

I always get amazed at the politeness in small towns in the south. I'm also a white country boy and very polite myself so they may just be being nice to one of their own. Noticed it with man black folks too tho. Phone Post 3.0

Israel Phone Post 3.0