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Dealing with insomnia issues I decided to look at the top 50 fighters in all eight weight classes and note what country they were from. I used fightmatrix as their top 50 is the most credible I have seen.

Here is how it breaks down taking into account flyweight through heavyweight fighters ranked in the top 50.

1. U.S. 53%
2. Brazil 16%
3. Japan 7%
4. Russia 5%
5. Canada 4%
6. England 3%
7. South Korea 2%
8. Poland 2%
9. Netherlands 2%
10. Australia 1%

It is arguable if there is anything behind this data since the UFC is based in the U.S. and is the only major promotion at the moment. U.S. fighters have been the majority of the contestants on TUF and therefor have received more opportunities to compete in the UFC than fighters from Russia, Canada, or South Korea. There is no argument that the U.S. is the dominate force in MMA but U.S. fighters get more opportunities in the UFC and fighters must compete in the UFC if they want to face the competition needed to climb in an objective ranking system like that used by

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Iran, Cuba, Ireland, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, Norway, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Congo, Croatia, Latvia, Slovakia, Sweden, France, Denmark, Iceland, and Belarus all had athletes among the top 50 in one or more of the eight weight classes.

Canada is #1 at WW by FAR !

There is also a trend in terms of population of those countries in the top 10. Canada is the obvious outlier since it has so few people but still ranks top 5.

Does the percentage change much if you took only the bigger 4 or smaller 4 weight classes? Phone Post

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Does the percentage change much if you took only the bigger 4 or smaller 4 weight classes? Phone Post

The percentages would be drastically different in some respects if only looking at the lighter four or heavier four classes. Most of Japan and South Korea's top 50 athletes are in the lighter four weight classes. The U.S., Brazil, Russia, England, and Australia have athletes in the top 50 somewhat evenly spread out amount the lighter and heavier divisions.

guardbr8kr - Canada is #1 at WW by FAR !

While Canada does have a couple top athletes at welterweight the U.S. still has more top athletes than Canada at WW. Sorry bro. Not trying to rub it in, I love Molson Ice and once watched a NHL game live.

Nice list. I find it surprising that a country like China doesn't even have one top 50 fighter.

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I think we should take in consideration populations of the the countries as well. vtfu good post

Here are the historically generated rankings from 10/01/2003 taking into account flyweight through heavyweight fighters ranked in the top 50 (it should be noted that only 21 fighters were ranked in Bantmmweight, and 11 at Flyweight).

1. U.S. 44%
2. Japan 21%
3. Brazil 12%
4. Russia 4%
5. Canada 4%
6. Netherlands 4%
7. South Korea 2%
8. England 2%
9. Belarus 1%
10. Australia 1%

The U.S. and Brazil have become more dominate. Japan has fallen while Russia and England have has gained 1%, the Netherlands falling 2%, Canada, South Korea, and Australia stay the same while Poland arrived to replace Belarus.

Every hardcore MMA fan knows that the U.S., Brazil,Japan, Russia and Canada dominate as a whole and that Holland,South Korea, and can produce top fighters as.

Brazil and the U.S. have had an average of 68% of the top fighters combined when look at both 2003 and 2013 data.

Nothing we did not already know but here are the numbers.

Would you believe that in boxing, the nation with the most champions per capita is the Virgin Islands. This is all time, not current BTW. Phone Post

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