County Executive Relentless Heckled Over Lockdown

Enjoy. Check out the sign language guy being a boss the whole time.

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In the comments section they claim that he was signing what the hecklers were saying.



0:53 "youre a bum!"

lol fuck that guy 

good for those people.  hope they riot

GOOD. Fuck that guy. Acting all smug to the people who keep him paid.

politicians are pure garbage

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Glad to see these guys are finally getting the respect they deserve.

Sign language guy is badass.

 Good post OP

I usually don’t like stuff like that but I’m so sick of these stupid limitations and getting back basic stuff only little by little, in an arbitrary fashion, decided by these “rulers”. Fuck’em. If they opened up more, and quickly went for a return to normal, I wouldn’t mind reimposing some restrictions IF the situation called for it. So far no places on the planet I’m aware had to do this. It COULD happen, it just hasn’t.

Now I just don’t believe all this is necessary. It’s just a taste of control by bureaucrats, and an internalization of the confinement measures by a significant part of scared people that somewhat expected lockdowns to last till the virus was gone. Crazy. I’m glad some people won’t stand for it no more.

LOL @ that jerkoff saying, “I don’t get to do the things I want” while people are losing their jobs, savings, and potentially their homes. There isn’t a lamppost on that block?

What kind of asshole worries about the lives of Americans?  Deserves everything he gets!