Couple of MMA questions

What states are MMA sanctioned in? I know of Nevada and New Jersey, but what other states?

Does anyone know of a source that shows early signs of MMA such as ancient Pankration or any thing like that?

If you could cite a source that would be awesome.





I beleive Oregon just got sanctioned, as we're having our first ever PRO MMA event this Saturday

Weavil, are you working on a paper? If so, let me know because i wrote my senior thesis on MMA and the political controversy surrounding it. If you want a copy, drop me an e-mail at

I'm doing something similar I'm writing 3 speeches on MMA. Informative, Problem/Need, and Persuasive.

OK, well my paper is a thesis for political science. The first ten pages cover the history of MMA, the next ten cover the Constitutional issues, and the last fifteen are on the arguments for and against, but mostly for MMA.

can a mma fighter die of a ko imediatley

It has been approved in California,it`s just that they do not have the funding for it.So it is still illegal.