--Couple of Questions--

Hello all and Merry Christmas


Happy Festivus

My thoughts/questions for the Christians.

Do you believe that God is an active participant in your life ? Please tell me why you do or don't.

I hear a person say , my life is so blessed, my career is going great, God is leading me this way, etc.

Second question: Does God stop participating in this "blessed" persons life when calamaties happen ? What are your thoughts here ?

An older Christian that I respect told me he feels that God basically does not get involved in our lives. If that is the case, why put forth the effort for salvation or prayer..etc.

Thanks All

I don't think God takes away our free will.  I don't think God will be used to divine the future so you don't have to take any risks.  Many people want God to take decisions away from them.  I have never experienced a situation where I was explicitly told to do something.  I have seen some obvious closed doors that would be a case of a strong warning.

The thing is that everything involves God.  We have life because God is feeding us his energies.  It is wrong to separate our lives into secular and sacred boxes.  Everything we encounter every day has the power to move us towards God or farther away.  We don't control external factors that much, but we do control our response to them. 

Looking at external success as a sign of God's favor is a bad thing to do.  There is nothing wrong with being grateful for those things, but all you have to do is read the lives of saints to figure out that moving closer to God is no guarantor of wealth, safety, a good marriage, prestige, or any other thing.  When people say they got wealthy because they put God first in their finances I get leary because many Christians do that and are still dirt poor.  That is what is wrong with prosperity gospel.  It measures God's favor by wealth. 

So God is always there although our perceptions of him go through ebbs and troughs.   The way to face hardship is to think "ok, now I get to practice being a son of God when all of my support is gone".  A lot of our apparent holiness falls flat when the support is pulled out.  We are generous until we lose our job.  We are grateful for food and share it with others until we starve.  But who wants to be a Christian who is dependent on an external heaven to be one? 

I believe I get a tap on the shoulder that points me in the right way when
things are going bad.

An example would be that when everything was going terrible I was
tiding up the house, and stumbled upon a book I hadn't read in years. I
didn't get the message of the book when I first read it but it hit me like a
ton of bricks this time, and helped me get back on a good path.

I think it is probably better that God works quietly like this as I think if
Jesus appeared in my living room with a message for me at 8:58 pm on a
thursday night I would be like "Not now! Survivor is coming on in two

I am serious btw. That is how pathetic we humans can be.

Thanks for the thoughtfull replies.

I am saddened that my posts hardly ever draw any discussion, especially
when I'm hoping for answers. Maybe if I attacked someone or tryed to be
argumentative I could have a more active relationship with this forum.


*just venting i guess

I believe God is an active participant in our lives, and the saints can intercede for us. The church teaches it and I have faith that it's true. This will probably get me into all sorts of trouble on this forum, so I refuse to accept responsibility if the thread gets hijacked! ;-)

There have been times when I have prayed to saints and my prayers were answered - I was recently diagnosed with a very serious ailment of the digestive system, and prayed for St. Timothy's intercession. I actually improved dramatically soon after beginning to regularly say the prayer.

Honestly, I kind of go on autopilot with my life and try to listen to wherever God is directing me. Sometimes bad things happen, but in the long run result in a very positive outcome. I just have faith things will be OK and take advantage of things that come my way.

It might sound like a naive way of thinking, but since I began to believe this way my life has improved dramatically and I'm a much happier person.