Couple Omaha fights (vid)

Here are a couple fights from the AFC in Omaha, NE

Thanks donnie, It's good to here any MMA news out of Nebraska.



Hey Donnie, sorry I didn't get the last event taped, but I've got a guy that is going to tape them all from now on.



Donnie, where was this at in Omaha? I use to live in Bellevue but I now live in the Springs, but if i can find out where and when I would love to try and come home and fight in my own back yard. Let me know dude thanks

A few threads above is Voodoo(Brian Dunn). He is one of the people to get ahold of about fighting. Both the videos I posted were from his show, All Fighting Championship.

Donnie would you happen to have either of my recnet AFC fights?

Dan Anderson


As stated before, I AM A VIDEO WHORE. Thanx Donnie.


I have your fight against darin but I think thats it.