Couple Thoughts On Royler Fight

I was really amped for this fight and I was not dissapointed. I did not care who won or lost on this fight I just thought it was going to be a great fight. It was too. Genki really did his homework on Royler and well I don't care what anyone said Royler did not perform well.

Royler's shoots and clinches were good. He just could not get Genki to the ground. It seemed to me he would attempt to get genki down but when he had to work (expend energy) he did the typical BJJ fall to the guard. Then his guard work was not as good as I thought it should have been. What was with that weird half guard where he would only have one knee up. Royler needs to learn some rubber guard. I am not kidding either. Takase was using rubber guard technique against Carlos and it neutralized him rather well. I could not believe how well Genki shut Royler down. I only counted one punch attempt and one knee from Royler. I think if Royler would have worked a little harder on the takedown and less flopping to his back the fight would have been a lot more intricate. If Royler could have gotten on top this fight would have been a battle.

Genki just looked phenominal and he seemed to have done his homework on Royler because he was always a step ahead.

Not trying to talk smack just some opinion and observation.

what do you guys think?


Yeah it looked like a Nino fight.. Where he would grab and try and drag Genki down. But his guard work was not up to par at all. Anyone notice that leg/ankle locks are starting to work against opponents? Seems like people are getting punched in the face when they go for them.


I would love to see Royler Vs Kid. Although I think Kid has just as good takedown defense. Royler needs to train more with Darrell Gholar that guy has been teaching down in brazil for some time and he really cleaned up some peoples games. Murillo trained with D.G. and he has great takedowns now. I know Royler trained with DG I just think he shoud do it more. Id Royler could get on top it would be a different ballgame.

Also I think Royler would have used the rubber guard he would have doen better.


I actually thought Royler had a chance. But then again I thought he was going to get a take down. But instead he flopped to the ugly guard..