Courage fighting March 5th, 2005

Courage Fighting Championships will most likely be March 5th at the Decatur civic center, in decatur illinois. Monte Cox and i have become partners on this show i started this year. The first was a success and the second will be even better!!! interested in fighting email me at thanks jason reinhardt


Jason Reinhardt,


You will have an email soon with Fighters info & Photos.



Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel



You got mail!



Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel


Jason Reinhardt I want you!!!!!!!! I kick your @$$ in front on your home town.... LOL !!!

Whats up man? Hope the new school is still going good.

Luke Caudillo

Luke, i don't want any part of you, because your instructor Kelly Wiseman has gone back to his TaeKwondo days and teaching you the tornado kick, and jumping spin hills!! congrats on your last victory!!!!

TTT for CFC and Kelly Wiseman's professional TKD career!!!!! ;-)

jason, u and monte need to bring me in!!!

TTT for the show
TEAM VOODOO is always ready..

Ya, Jason you should see my stand up now Taekwondo has brought my game up so much it's sick! HA! I'll talk to Kelly and see When we can head out that way to show you some secret Taekwondo moves!

March 5th, I might need a place to stay?

Jason "TKD" Reinhardt,

 I must least I "scrapped" my TaeKwonDO skills after I won my TKD Title!!!  I walked into Miletich's and got my *#$ handed to me by REAL fighters. 

 I noticed last time I visited your "Do-Jang" that you were teaching Karate For Kids classes!!!  What's up with that?  What kind of business are you running in Decatur, IL?  An M.F.S. Fight Gym or a Karate Kids Club?  Does Pat know you still have your students wearing Ridiculous Pajamas?

Call me Broham!!!