Court approves removing life support from 12yo Archie Battersbee

Ingenuous? Or or….


Tie a noose and give it to your children.

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That one lady was in a coma for 2 years and woke up and told on her brother.


That’s a shameful thing to say. Even for you jinx.


Trust me no one is.

Archie Battersbee is a badass name.

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Sadly he won’t grow up to have an awesome mustache anymore…


Go to church young man

Ok dude. Like I said, I guess it’s only ok when black kids die.

Black kids are people too. They are kids that took a tragic path and died and everyone on here mocks their death. Don’t be hypocrites man.

How do you know he didn’t identify as black?

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You could also refer to him as a future doctor. Future physicist. Future Rhoades scholar. Pretty versatile.


Lol. I don’t have time to explain it to you.

I’ll never be okay with courts getting involved in these situations. If the family has the money for the hospital bills, let them make the call when to pull the plug.


Kid was jacked…


coma and brain death are different things, thats why people in comas are kept alive.

there are rare cases when people that have been declared brain dead have “awoken” but the argument then is that well they werent truly brain dead, as it is by definition irreversible - but that is debated by some and so you end up with cases like this.

it is a pretty complex topic.


This is a tough one because there is such a big difference between brain dead and in a coma. They seem to be arguing that he isnt brain dead because they believe he made some sort of conscious attempt to breathe, but its impossible to know if thats true or if it was reflexive. It’s also not directly stated how much or what type of damage has been done to his brain, and that can also be hard to know the effects of anyway. If he’s not brain dead and he’s in a coma, he could wake up anytime or years from now, but if and when he does wake up, his brain damage might be so severe that he has no idea whats going on anyway. I dnt think there is a Christian religious rule that says you have to keep someone alive with machines who would otherwise die. It’s just a really tough situation all around for the parents though.

I dont know how medical coverage works in UK, but if its subsidized by the state or hospital, I guess it’s their right to determine the limits of their coverage, but the parents whould be allowed to incur the cost to keep him alive themselves if they want to.

a more in depth article about the specifics of his condition;

I see. I didn’t read the article.

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zero blood flow, zero activity, 10-20% necrosis of the brain stem