Court approves removing life support from 12yo Archie Battersbee

I’m not a fan of this at all, but this is a socialized medicine… UK and NHS is particular is very brutal… they won’t allow treatment unless its cost effective. You can’t even get a physical on the NHS… they won’t even send you for a scan if you have a lump lol. Fucking ridiculous system, they’re so cheap. I’m surprised they paid to keep this kid alive this long.

This is why you need a strong private option… NHS literally saying we don’t want to pay to keep this kid alive anymore and the court is clearly on their side. So fucked up.

i dont know why after all this they would fight against him being moved to hospice, unless they are worried about fuckery, only other concern is cost but it got to be costing them a ton already in money and PR fighting all these things in court.

it feels like the right thing to do - let the family move him to hospice and have the life support removed there;

oh anyway - latest news is they delayed it one more day again, it will go ahead about 12 hours from now unless a court intervenes and allows or agrees to consider the families request to move him to hospice.

To say not at all as though it is a fact is merely a matter of opinion. I get that you were taught that, but indeed the liability would fall on the hands of the doctor advising the treatment and ordering the removal of life support.

finally exhausted all of their options, life support was terminated this morning and he passed

poor kid RIP

that post above details exactly what his condition was and everything they had to do for him