Court violating first amendment over anti Biden sign

Would you Sally’s find if less offensive if I got new signs that said " Make Love to Binden’s Butt’ instead of “Fuck Biden?”

Is this a point of whether the intercourse is consensual or not?

Is that where the offending line is crossed?

Lol at Americans who’ve been so badly brainwashed by their amendments that they actually think they have freedom of speech

It’s so cute

Correct. This is not state action.

How don’t we?

It’s always funny when leftists don’t get their way and get angry about the topic, like you personally wrote the law. “Durrrr I’m going to put a sign on your lawn now! That will get the legislatures to change the law, yeah!”.

Why you even engage these children I have no clue. I get you have passion for law but for fucks sake, that’s some fucking passion to have to put up with these fucking idiots

The person at issue here is definitely not a leftist. My first amendment passion goes for both sides as does the amendment.

Your feelings over my freedom. This is, unfortunately, the society we’ve become.

Oh no, my kid might see the word ‘fuck’ on a sign. The horror!

So I guess the solution is to ban all speech that liberals find offensive. It’s gonna be a long list. Unless, of course, Trump’s name is involved. Then everything is allowed.

There are plenty of options if you don’t like your neighbor’s signs. You can go over and have a respectful conversation. Ask him to take down the signs. You can put up your own signs. You can ignore him and act like nobody lives there. Or, you can move.

But you can’t change the First Amendment because you’re offended.

Generally when I see someone arguing against freedom of speech and personal liberties, I assume. In 2021 I would probably be right 9 out of 10 times.

It doesn’t matter what you, I, or this podunk judge in New Jersey think. As others have noted, this is a matter that has been settled by the courts.

But this highlights a huge problem. There is a segment of society on the far left that doesn’t believe in the system of rules we have. They operated under “the end justifies the means.”

You call it being a shitbag while there are some here who say it is an expression of their feelings towards a shitty person being elected president by stupid people. If the shitbags want to express their feelings via signage on their own property then they have every right to do so. It would be like me living next door to you and hanging up a flag that says “My Neighbor Blows for Free” after you have hung your rainbow flag from your gay ass front porch.

You just dont like the word fuck and you want everyone else to agree with you about the context in which it is being used. Like other people have said. You dont like it, dont look at it.

For the record all 3 of my vehicles run fine. It’s my not being a fucking cocksucking faggot that allows me to keep them running. You should try it sometime.

Dude. This is a forum for discussion.

Are you saying we shouldn’t post any opinions that might differ from constitutional law because the courts have ruled on certain laws and how they are to be interpreted? Are there rules in place that you disagree with? Or, do you simply believe all laws of the land are appropriate and the interpretations of such laws by the court should never be questioned?

I believe in freedom of speech. I understand the court ruling. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with every interpretation set forth by the court on every single law. I also realize and understand there are rules put in place and I have to abide by them regardless of my personal opinion.

I am not part of that segment nor do I share their ideology. Not even close.

You kind of just did cry about it by insinuating your displeasure.

And, I agree. Screw that company and it’s bullshit BLM sign.

You are absolutely entitled to disagree with court rulings. I know you weren’t responding to me but I wanted to say that. I love that people can disagree about everything in this country.

And that is the truth of the matter. We live in an amazing country where we have the right and freedoms to voice are opinions whether they be wrong or right.

First Amendment wins again:

$250/Day Fine for Displaying “Fuck Biden” Sign at Home Dropped, Thanks to ACLU of N.J.

By Eugene Volokh

Rebecca Panico ( reports:

Roselle Park voluntarily dismissed its case in Superior Court on Tuesday against a borough homeowner who hung anti-President Biden flags with the f-word on her fence.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey was representing the homeowner, Patricia Dilascio, and her daughter, Andrea Dick, in their appeal to Superior Court in Union County. A municipal court judge earlier this month ruled the homeowner had violated a local obscenity ordinance and ordered them to remove the signs with the f-word—or else pay a $250-a-day fine.

Glad to hear it; I copy below what I wrote about the case two weeks ago.

[* * *] (Rebecca Panico) reports (and includes the photo above):


Great News

VU FakePie

Would have preferred a ruling on the merits but that’s selfish as it costs money that shouldn’t be spent on this nonsense.