Couser flipped out

Did anybody else see the Cliff Couser vs Malcom Tann fight. Couser flipped out in the middle of the match and supplexed Tann and mounted him.

I saw it, decent belly to belly suplex by Couser followed by a flawed mount.

The commentators mentioned during the early part of the fight that Couser was tired of getting hit in the back/top of the head. 40 seconds later Tann lands a hook to the ear and Couser goes nuts.

Then he tries to talk to the ref who pushes him away. He freaks out again, starts crying and whining. Oliver McCall esque

Cliff Couser vs. Mike Tyson, with Oliver McCall as the guest referee... somebody PLEASE make this happen!

"Isn't that an old fight? I seem to remember hearing about that.
Wish I had seen it..."

Yes it was in july but they just replayed it on comcast on sunday.

Couser would never be able to fight mma what if he gets rear mounted and someone starts punching him in the back of the head he would go absolutely balistic

He does have some big strong legs hed be hard to take down