Cousin Eddie's ASG voting gripes

Ah, it's that time of year again---time for us to argue about the All-Star game balloting. Today, we'll discuss the National League, position by position:

Catcher--I'm leaving this one alone

1st Base--Pujols has a pretty comfortable lead, and he should. But a 2-to-1 lead over Casey?? Lee at #5? Wake up, people.

2nd Base--Unless Jeff Kent dies between now and the ASG, he'll start. Can't argue against this selection too much, the numbers speak for themselves.

Shortstop--This is the closest race at any position in either league. With 9 days left, Adam Everett has a 9500 vote lead over Renteria. They'll both make it, and it would also be nice to see Barry Larkin play the Midsummer Classic in what is most likely his last season (he's a distant 3rd).

Third Base--Rolen is the obvious choice, and Ramirez deserves a slot. Beltre at #5 is surprising.

Outfield--Bonds, Junior, and Sosa, with Berkman about 120,000 votes out of the #3 slot. Biggio is fifth, followed by Alou, Hidalgo, Edmonds, Cabrera, and Dunn. As a longtime Astro diehard, I would love to see Biggio get in. He's got maybe one year left, the game is in Houston, etc. etc. Plus, his numbers aren't bad, and the team will need a leadoff hitter. Hidalgo being ahead of the other three is a direct result of the attendance rise at MMP.

The pitching staff is decided separately, and I don't know exactly how many they take, but Schmidt, Clemens, Glavine, Zambrano, and the Big Unit would be a good start. Compliment that with Gagne and Benitez, you're all set.


Please note, this does not take into account the bullshit "One from every team" rule.

If anybody can name an All-Star Game worthy Expo, I'd appreciate it.

i can't but i can name 3 worthy pirates!!!

kendall J wilson and C Wilson all three are worthy but more than likely only one maybe two will make it

what about jim thome at first..hes tearing it up

"If anybody can name an All-Star Game worthy Expo, I'd appreciate it."

livan hernandez is a good pitcher

vidro, but hes having such a bad year that you cant consider him yet


dont forget todd helton he's tearing it up this year too