Couture/Belfort 2 = Randy/Pedro 1?

I think that this fight could look like Randy Vs. Pedro I from UFC 31.

It could but Pedro is much bigger than Vitor with good takedown defense. Vitor has good takedown defense but the size will hurt him. I don't think their is anyone that Randy can't take down at 205 and hold their if he chooses. i don't think Randy will take chances standing with Vitor and this will look alot like the Tito fight with it going the distance and Randy winning. Randy might could get a stoppage with the ground and pound but I doubt it.

Pedro kicks really fucking hard. The majority of the damage
he did was caused by leg kicks, and Vitor's kicks are
nowhere near the caliber of Pedro's. Boxing with Randy
hasn't brought much success for anybody.

Randy spent 20 years training on how to take down people at 217lbs.... He will, bar a doubtful Vitor KO, take Vitor down with ease.