Couture/GSP = best team ever?

I've been hearing/reading talk about GSP saying he's changing his entourage and how he didn't have a coach for this fight, only various trainers. I think he needs someone experienced in his corner to put everything together into a game plan. Naturally (pun intended) I immediately thought of his elder twin Randy Couture. Aside from their fighting abilities, they are both complete class acts and perfect ambassadors for the sport. I think if Couture had the time to coach GSP a little and be in his corner for his fights, he would truly be unstoppable.

Anyone have any thoughts?

I was thinking the same thing, Georges would be a perfect fit in Team Quest. Randy has had some of the best gameplans in MMA... with Georges skills they could help him become the dominant champ that he has the potential to be.

I saw him coaching gsp on tuf 4 and they were a great fit together.

Agreed. GSP and Randy would be an amazing team. I'm dissapointed to hear that Georges is having issues with teams again, this isn't the first time. Hopefully he gets settled in to a new gym and can focus on getting the gold back.

Not a bad idea at all. Imagine St. Pierre having Fedor in his corner... wait... imagine ANY fighter having Fedor in his corner. Ultimate confidence booster! :)

Wow! I like that idea a lot. Let's not forget that they worked together on TUF4 and that Randy has been full of compliments for GSP during his commentating. Plus I seem to recall GSP listing Randy as one of his MMA idols at one point. I mean it makes so much sense you have to wonder why it hasn't happened yet.

GSP seems loyal to his training partners and gyms though. Perhaps if he split his time between Montreal and Randy's new gym in Vegas.

GSP is too damn good to be training in places where he's not the number one priority. I'm not saying being unable to train with Renzo for his last fight effected him in the fight itself but it's a stange situation to say the least. How many elite BJJ trainers would kill to have a guy like GSP at their gym and representing them? That's not a slight against Renzo or Matt, they were working together long before GSP started there so their loyalty to each other makes perfect sense.

If Serra beats Hughes were probably looking at a rematch with GSP towards the end of the year. I can see the same kind of issues arising with Greg Jackson's camp if GSP ever has to face Diego. These other camps are happy to have GSP there until he has to face one of their own and that's a problem GSP should fix by finding his own place.

Good call now just call Georges and Randy and set this up

"GSP is too damn good to be training in places where he's not the number one priority."

This is the most correct thing I have read her in weeks.

It is a good idea. But I don't see Team Quest doing much for him, Team Couture would be a better fit. Though I still like him with Greg Jackson the best. Jackson's team does raise too many complications though, so I'm not sure how well it would work in the long run.

^^^Heart? What won him the fight against Penn (and don't say judging)? If that wasn't a display of heart, I don't know what is.

"I was thinking the same thing, Georges would be a perfect fit in Team Quest. Randy has had some of the best gameplans in MMA."

If Team Quest is the perfect fit he won't be getting gameplans from Randy...

Send him to Chute Boxe

What won him that fight vs. Penn? Conditioning.

Taps to Hughes with 1 second in the round left, has been "injured" numerous times in training and taps to strikes from a guy not know for his power (that also had zero KO's prior to this)....

It was more than conditioning, though that certainly helped. He was honest about his first fight with Hughes, he had already lost mentally before the fight even began. And I don't see what heart has to do with getting nailed in the head with a hard shot. Where was CroCop's heart when Randleman nailed him? Where was Saku's heart when Schembri smacked him in the chin with his knee? Where was Forest's heart when Jardine clubed him with an uppercut? Finally, who says Serra doesn't have power? He's come closer to knocking out Karo on the feet than anybody else, and that was just a single shot.

Ha, Chute Boxe + GSP = Another storm through the WW division, but this
time he'll keep the belt FOREVER.

Seriously, Randy training GSP would be a great pair. Randy could help GSP
in every aspect of his game, and would be a good overall MMA coach/

I thought he'd go to Greg Jackson's camp in NM, but like Tippe said
earlier, issues would arise if Diego ever fought GSP.

Team Coture sounds like the best fit, but is there any indication GSP
wants to change teams/trainers?

I like the idea, I think they'd compliment each other perfectly.

I didn't see any tapping on the part of GSP. He was in survival mode, turned away from Serra and McCarthy stepped in. That's not heart, it's your brain taking over your body so you can get the f out of dodge because it can't take any more strikes.

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Randy can't teach the kid heart.

^^^ Stupidest comment ever

Maybe you can visit the Wizard of Oz and ask him for a brain

"If your brain overrode your heart at that moment, he would have pulled Serra in and gotten guard.....Wooops..."

Yeah... At the risk of deviating my own post here, I think this is worth a reply.

Let's not forget that GSP had been solidly hit at least 2 or 3 times prior to that and kept getting back up before finally going down. That's heart. Yes, Georges didn't pull guard once on the ground but Serra is an excellent fighter and new how to prevent him from doing that, by pulling a standing mount and controlling him from there while raining down punches. I don't care who you are, when you're dazed and in the mount like that it's kind of hard to think. You just run on instinct.

The bottom line is that GSP made a mistake standing up and Serra was in perfect shape for the fight. That's it.

"Champions have tapped to chokes. Losers have tapped to strikes. Think about all the guys who have tapped to strikes. Weak."

You mean, like Randy Couture against Ricco Rodriguez?