Couture/Liddell 2, BAD DREAM!!! :(

As we all know, Randy is the favorite to win. Everyone likes Randy so this is not a problem at all. Alot of people like Chuck also, im a Chuck fan too. But this dream that I had is bugging the hell out of me. Both of Chuck's last 2 fights (Both kos over Tito Ortiz and Vernon White) had the ko punch land with a controversial thumb to the eye. I had a dream that Randy was beating Chuck down (Just like the first fight) then out of nowhere Chuck lands a huge punch. A thumb to the eye punch. The punch sends Randy to the mat and blood is coming out of his eye socket. Chuck has a piece of Randy's eye on his thumb, but the UFC doesn't care, they didn't care the last 2 times!!! Dana runs to Chuck like a little school girl and is quick to wrap the belt around Chuck's waist. All the while Randy is lying on the mat with blood coming out of the spot an eye used to be.

The Iceman wins the belt by thumb to the eye knockout. If this happens im going to write a letter to John Mccain, I will not stand for this barbaric thumb to the eye crap. Especially if it ends Captain America's legendary career.

Liddell did not thumb Vernon in the eye.

I remember seeing a pic that clearly showed Vernon was thumbed in the eye, even worse than Tito imo. Hopefully Couture will not receive an eye poke even worse than Tiger did. That would be a career ender for sure.

Please post this supposed picture of Vernon being 'clearly' thumbed in the eye TRJ. Because it would also be a fascinating photo due to the fact that it would mean Chuck's thumb magically switched to the opposite side of his hand for one punch.

that would suck if that happened...hopefully joker's dream doesn't turn into reality...Kick ass Randy!

LOL @ RingGirl. It's funny how the thumb can switch over like that. Chuck is severely double jointed.

RG...stop trying to cover up the "thumb in tiger's eye" conspiracy...the realjoker would not make a statement without proof..thank you

I beleive RingGirl is calling BULLSHIT.

Give credit where credit is due, we work hard on those thumbing techniques.  A big part of them working is all the practice that goes into setting them up with the little shots like this that are nothing more than trickery and deception to lure our opponents so we can move in for the kill with our "Tiger Claw"


So if you train at The Pit do you have to wear special protective eyewear when you spar?

That is a KILLER photo.

lol! Okay, I would so love to see a photo of that.

Wow, The real Joker dreaming of Chuck and Randy? lol J/K
I'd hate to see this one stopped by thumb in the eye.. I like Chuck, but don't see him beating Randy.

LOL @ this thread. Lots of funny stuff.

Chuck Liddell punched Vernon White in the eyes.

No where does the UFC rules states "no punching at the eyes."

If Chuck Liddell punches Randy Couture in the eyes, we will see what happens.

They both kinda wink...

Let's put an end to the lies.

Chuck has been building up calluses on his thumbs in preperation for this fight.

"So if you train at The Pit do you have to wear special protective eyewear when you spar?"

Only the lower ranks, once you've reached black your eyes have been conditioned to take the abuse, you've never seen Chuck complain of an eye gouge.

The technique springfield has posted above is actually a more advanced technique that uses the pinky, when practiced and used correctly it can shatter bones such as the orbit of the eye.

You people laugh now. But when Randy's career is ended by a thumb to the eye im sure you'll all be asking if I have a crystal ball.