Couture/Lindland Seminar

I have been speaking with the school board and they agreed to let us use the adjacent gym for the seminar. This development makes room for 30 more participants, contact me via e-mail at if you want to attend.

Randy is doing fine and will be back training in a few weeks, so the seminar is still a go for May 15th and 16th.






How many is that all together? For actual spots


Wasn't there 60 originally and now an extra 30?

Shawn this is Matthew D, I'm in. but I wont be back until lat Febuary, save me a spot bro..thanks

Sorry for my ignorance but in what city is this being held in?



Can't wait it is going to be an awesome time!

Oh yeah baby!

l am pumped!!!!

Randy would like to thank everyone who has expressed concern for him and the condition of his eye. He is pleased to be able to let everyone know that the injury does not seem to be of the nature that would keep him away from the sport for long. He received 5 stitches in his upper lid and 3 in the lower lid. These are scheduled to be removed in 7 days at which point Randy will evaluate how quickly he can start training again. If things go as expected, he may be training in as few as 10 days!

I know Randy can't wait to come work with me. I'm like that little retarded brother he never had.


Anyone have a Couture poster or something like that, a trading card or something, that I can get signed when he gets here? I tried looking for a poster or something but can't seem to find anything. Anyone have any ideas? Thanx.

Try finding the November 2003 Black Belt with Randy on the cover.


He was also on the December 2003 Fightsport cover.

Hey Dougie if you will be the retarded brother that l never had l have an extra copy of Fight Sport with him on the cover!

If you want it let me know!

Dougie is everyones favorite retarted little brother!!!

We love you DOUGIE!!!

Send it my way Compwarrior!

Thanx Portuguese2002!

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to go finger paint with oatmeal.