Couture/Linland here earlier!

Dear Friends,

The Randy Couture/Matt Lindland Seminar will be earlier than anticipated. Due to a scheduling conflict, Randy has reqested to move the date of the seminar to May 8, 9, 2004. I spoke with Randy at length regarding this matter, he thought that moving the dates up one week would be the best answer otherwise he would have to make the trip in late June. Randy is extremely disappointed with this matter, and hopes that this will not inconveneice anyone who is planning on attending. In order to accomodate Randy I have changed the official date of the seminar to MAY 8TH AND 9TH 2004. If you have any concerns please contact me at 647.226.2998 or via e-mail at For anyone that has already paid and will not be able to attend I will issue you a full refund. Sorry for any in conveneice this may have caused. If have paid and are okay with the new dates please drop me an e-mail and let me know you will be still able to attend.

The Randy Couture/Matt Lindland Seminar will be held at CARLING HEIGHTS COMMUNITY CENTRE (650 Elizabeth Street **the same facilities that the Frank Shamrock Seminar was held**) in London, Ontario on May 8th and 9th, 2004. The cost for the event is $110.00 Canadian, the fee includes both days of instruction. Sign in is at 10 am Saturday with instruction starting at 11 am until 4 pm. Due to the popularity of this event I can only secure spots for participants that have paid in full. I have limited mat space, so the seminar spots will only be reserved after payment has been received. Please make cheque/money orders payable to (AWOL) Amateur Wrestlers Of London and send it to ATT: Shawn Geris, 18 Acton Crescent, London, Ontario, N6E 1W5.

Thanks for your interest, hope to see you at the seminar!

Shawn Geris or 647.226.2998

The truth is that I just couldn't wait that long.



I'll be there

Me too. Don't hurt me ok? I'm very good looking so not the face.

that's great!!!

Learn some RAW team secrets and use them the following week at the CJA... I pity da fools that don't come.


Shawn l really hope that l can make it to another seminar that you guys hold.

Dougie get ahold of me about that Couture mag that l have for you.

Okie. I am e-mailing you right now.

Dougie you gots mail!

What the...?!

I told you to stay away from my sister!


Do you know if she picked up the bag of rubbers from the bulk barn?

Probably, I mean she's not cheap and I think that she....WHAT THE!?!


If it makes you feel any better we dont have vaginal sex!

Oh ok, in that case I feel a lot...

WHAT THE %$#@!!!!???


The location of the Randy Couture/Matt Lindland Seminar has changed to 650 Elizabeth Street - CARLING HEIGHTS COMMUNITY CENTRE.

Damn all these changes!

Oh well, its worth it if I get to train with Randy.

Unfortunately because of the date change the original gym was not available. Carling Heights Commmunity Centre is the facilities that was used for the Frank Shamrock Seminar that was held last September. It is big enough to accomodate everyone for this seminar.

Sorry for any inconveneice.


Are they still going to be on Off The Record?

Time permiting. I'll let you know when things are finalized with the guys at OTR.