Couture Nutrition Products???

Has anyone used these yet?
Any reviews so far?

I'm a big Couture fan, but I doubt very much that his products are anything new. Same old stuff in a new package, IMO. Honestly I haven't researched them so I can't say for certain.

Ipon's inclination would be the correct one, in my opinion, also. His "LifeForce" green supplement, for one, is a blatant rip-off of "LightForce," his former sponsor.

He also promoted the metal bracelet which sponsored him.

LOL - yes, "The Strap" from Fizogen.

I am friends with some of the Temecula Team Quest guys and worked for SportFight and Team Quest on various projects in the past. I haven't had any communication with Randy in a long time.

Just stating a fact as far as LifeForce goes -- it's pretty obvious from the name alone. It might well be a perfectly fine supplement, but it was clearly inspired by his former sponsor.

Randy Couture hits back, but his supplements don't.