Couture on Pros versus Joes!

Just saw a new commercial for Pros versus Joes on Spike. Couture is in this season!

I saw a commercials a couple weeks ago and was intrigued that they had Roy Jones/boxing in there but just saw a new commercial and they have a mixed martial arts segment with Couture!

poor bastards going on that show. There have actually been some pretty funny moments on that program, most notably where they had to carry the football against that mammoth defensive lineman.

I'll tune in to that. What channel is it on? Spike? I don't supposed that particular date is released, is it?


If i had to fight one champ it would probably be randy.

I think he would take it the easiest on you.

Silva would be the worst.

Yeah Randy seems like a guy who wouldnt "need" to maul you to show off.