Couture on UNIT

Just saw commercial during Pitt Game.

Tuesday, guest starring  'Ultimate Fighting Champion' Randy Couture on CBS   The Unit.


these gigs are going to be few and far between if he stops fighting

TTT for C-Unit.

The Unite is half good(Soldiers killing terrorist! RAR!) and half meh(Army
wives. Yawn.). It's also up against House so I don't watch it much.


suprised it hasnt been mentioned before it was an old episode from last season and he had very little on screen time maybe 2 minutes overall. was season two episode 23 titled Paradise Lost. Original Air Date:
8 May 2007 the show is currently on season three.

this week's episode is a new one.

Randy Couture to guest star on CBS' The Unit

So this will be the second time he'll be on the show? I saw one episode where he had a bit part with maybe one line.

If they had the preview and said...special guest appearance of Randy Couture.....  how many viewers would know who he was......?

special guest appearance of  Ultimate Fighting Champion.....Randy Couture.