Couture prefers Fedor in cage than a ring

Randy Couture said on mmaweeklyradio (04/09/08) that he prefers to fight Fedor in a cage. But he said, he wouldn't mind fighting him twice, once in a cage and once in a ring.

I just want this fight to get signed already. At this point I could care less if it's in a ring or a cage.


how about in a lowered pit, Shamrock style.

They should do it in Chuck Norris's bowl.

RAndy has the some of the most advanced cage techniques in the sport. Of course he would prefer the cage. I say Fedor takes it to him anywhere cage,ring, pit, swimming pool ,wherever...

Does anyone still give a shit what Randy wants?

ON a Battleship IMO.

They should fight in a bounce house or a pit filled with plastic balls! Ronald McDonald, make it happen!

There is really only one place for a fight of this magnitude. Behind the Dairy Queen.

Fedor's one of the few guys who I think really wouldn't have much difficulty transitioning his game to the cage. His style, on paper, should translate pretty well to the cage I would think.

Randy on the other hand loses a strong piece of his game outside of the cage.

No surprise there. Randy's record fighting in a ring is pretty bad.

Breaking News Story! Randy Couture prefers to fight Fedor in the environment he is most comfortable with.