Couture ready to take back title

2X HW champ.
1X Interm LHW champ.
Soon to be 2X LHW champ.

Seriously, you know it will happen.

Dougie is correct!!!

How many spam threads are you going to make?

Just a few.


Stop hating on Couture Albert!!!

No hate, just a little fun...he can take it look at the smile.

yeah, we're just fooling around. Prince Albert is no hater!

Now Manny, he's a hater brewing his own haterade. he hated hard on Edwards and Joker laid that hate out in the sun of the truth and made it into sweet sweet wine.


Manny is a hater and a poser.

Prince Albert has crowned the correct.

Who says I wasnt smiling all along?


: )

My drawing of TheRealJoker.



Yay me! I'm an artist!

I'm smiling on the inside...see


this is my pic of TRJ

LOL @ "The Victory Dance."


Dougie, you are correct sir. Couture will take the title back.

still laughing

LOL @ Grappler, the BDI is strong in this one!!!

yes, it is, as is the aura.