Couture Speaks "Belfort Step Up"

Couture Speaks: Belfort needs to Step Up

Sat. February 14th. Gresham, Oregon. MMA Weekly caught up to "The
Natural" during the district wrestling meet at Centennial High School,
the school Couture assist in coaching. Randy has four guys in the finals
and looking to qualify a strong team to the state meet. After the Eagles
experienced a loss in the "wrestlebacks", we asked Randy about his
planning for the rematch. Whooh.

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That must be cool to have Couture as a coach and direct role model.

Are those squares the new replacement for quotations?
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I bet Freddy settled down.

"classic" freddy


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Vitor needs to re-think his position. If he thinks for half a second of not giving Randy an immediate re-match, the fans will strip him of his title. Randy has not been beat. Vitor has not beat the Champ, it was a fluke and the hole world knows it. Hell the Lindland/Vitale was more of a fight than this.

I have always liked and supported Vitor but this is horrible if it is true.

Awesome clip. Thanks for sharing.

Vitor needs to step up and face the people's champion.

I hope that this is a miscommunication between Vitor and Tatame.

I hope that ZUFFA doesn't have to do anything with this.

I hope that this is a "SCRIPTED" smacktalk to build up UFC 48.

It's up the promoters to decide who fights who, it's not up to the fighters.


Could this be an angle to promote the rematch?

Gary Hughes



So what was said my slow ass computer will not download




what did he say?

When did Vitor say he didn't think Randy deserved a rematch?